Lose the battle? Win the war.

When it comes my mental illness (along with any setbacks) I used to worry endlessly about whether or not I failed. One failure? Who cares.

Why should I hold back my goals over something small?

Don't worry about losing the battle. Win the war.

Especially with your mental illness. Not everyone is the same. Some people will find their mental illness will decline before it gets better. Treatments can take time to work, or you may need to find another one. I am fortunate I am about halfway. I can actually see the finish line now. My mind has returned to me. My creativity, my drive, my determination, have all returned.

Inaction seems to go along with my mental illness for me. My mind is always active to varying degrees. Even during meditation, except it tends to flow and sway then. Stillness does not suit me. It never has. I have a panic attack? I meditate. I am overwhelmed? I look at inspiring pictures. I feel I can’t compete? I read the Art of War. I have a nightmare? I tell My beloved s or play a game until I can make sense of it.

At one time I used to be scared about these ongoing battles. Now I see them as daily challenges. Many great minds had chaotic thoughts. While I am not arrogant enough to think of myself as a great mind, it is promising to show that even they had their troubles and were still able to achieve.


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